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Johnny Tergo, a photographer in Los Angeles, spends a good amount of time in his truck driving to assignments. During his travels he started to look out the window and conceived the project "Passenger Side Window" to show unscripted moments of the scenery that he was passing by. He shared a sample of his work and some thoughts about his process with Picture This.

"The interplay of environment and the individuals that occupy the space fascinates me. People are usually found in environments that they feel comfortable in. Whether conscientiously or not they often mimic or accentuate their immediate surroundings through dress and demeanor. In "Passenger Side Window" I try to present the viewer with a portrait of a person they can create their own story about.

"In order to achieve my specific aesthetic I had to build a sort of mobile studio. I built a rig in my truck and mounted a camera in my passenger seating area. The rig was a pretty slow process and I by no means had a master plan or blueprints for the final design. It grew little by little as I figured out different things I wanted to use to obtain the aesthetic."

"All the people respond differently. Recently I have added a printer to the rig and I now make prints on the fly and trot approach the people if I can. I will tell them a little bit ago the project and then hand them a print and give then my e-mail address so (they can get in touch) with me if they want."

"Safety is very important to me. I take great care to ensure my driving is not impeded by anything in my truck. My concentration is always directed to my driving first, and only when possible and safe do I pull to the side of the road to make an image."

To see more of The Passenger Side Window, visit Johnny Tergo's website. You can also follow him on Instagram at @JTergo for daily photos.

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