Theo the Sticky Pawed Cat Raids Homes in His Neighborhood

East Anglian Daily Times

Theo the cat is making quite a name for himself - as a neighborhood thief.

The cat has apparently been making off with interesting items taken from homes in his Ipswich neighborhood in eastern England.

A phone charger, a pair of gardening gloves, a feather duster, potato chips and a pink pen are among the various items that have all been brought home by Theo.

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Paul Edwards and girlfriend Rachael Drouet told the Ipswich Star newspaper of Britain that they caught on to their feline's thievery when they started noticing strange cat toys in their home. They knew neither of them had bought the toys.

The problem has only gotten worse, they said in the article appearing on the paper's website on Monday.

"Thankfully, most people who know Theo are very understanding and think it is funny," said Edwards, who told the Star that he's gone on Facebook to try and reunite his neighbors with their pilfered property.

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The 3-year-old Siamese cross is becoming "a bit of a neighborhood celebrity for all the wrong reasons," Drouet told the BBC.

"We live in hope that one day he'll bring back an iPad or something of significant value," she said.

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