WATCH: Frisky Cat Takes on Treadmill

Cats are fascinated by moving things, and George the cat is no different.

Christopher Rogers of Manitoba, Canada, was visiting a friend's house in April when he encountered the family's cat, George. George seemed very interested in the treadmill in the house.

"The cat started walking around on the treadmill with us when it was on, so we just let him do his own thing, and I managed to film it," Rogers, 15, wrote in an email to on Monday.

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The video shows the black cat tapping its forepaws furiously at the moving belt at the end of the treadmill, before climbing onto the belt with all fours. Of course, the animal slides right off, but goes back for a second try with similar results.

The teen assured viewers that George - who's now a year old - was "not hurt in any way (maybe a little bit of pride, lol)," he wrote.

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He uploaded the video to his Uber Ostrich YouTube account on April 8. The clip had been viewed more than 36,000 times as of Monday.

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