Wild Bear Gets On-Camera Closeup

VIDEO: Bear Gets On-Camera Close up

When the Rogers family of Poudre Canyon, Colo., got a camera for Christmas to record the wildlife outside their home in the Rocky Mountains, they likely had no idea that one wild animal in particular would be such a camera hog.

It was not a coyote, nor a bird or even a bobcat that loved the camera, but a bear.

"We think he was there for at least four or five minutes," Jennifer Rogers told ABCNews.com. "We were pretty excited. We've had a lot of other animals but to get a bear was pretty exciting.

The brown bear first discovered the camera early in the morning of May 22. The footage shows he was quite intrigued, hoisting himself up to look into the lens and moving his head around.

"I think he was kind of checking it out and sniffing at it and seeing what it was," Rogers said.

Rogers and her husband, Justin, installed the camera on a tree on property they own about a mile from their home in the midst of the Rockies.

Other animals that were not so captivated but still captured by the Rogers' outdoor camera include deer, elk, bobcats and coyotes. None, however, has taken to the camera like the bear, which has yet to make a return appearance

"They just kind of walk by," she said of the other camera-shy wildlife.

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