After 24 Years, Children Reunite Father With Beloved Mustang

VIDEO: Four siblings bought the car Richard Lookebill sold 24 years ago and delivered it to his Indiana home.

In an act of extraordinary devotion to their father, four siblings bought the car he sold 24 years ago and shipped it to his home in Indiana.

Richard Lookebill first purchased the car, a bright green 1972 Ford Mustang on March 1, 1972. He had to part ways with it 24 years ago for financial reasons, his son Cory Lookebill told ABC News.

"He needed to make sure he could take care of [us] when we were kids," said Lookebill.

But the family never forgot it. The car's presence was always felt, even if it was no longer with them physically.

"It was part of our family," said Michael Lookebill, Cory's brother. "It's just been something my dad always wanted back and we got the crazy idea to look for it."

Michael found the car on an Ebay auction, identifed Bruce Hrobak as the owner, and contacted Hrobak to purchase the car.

The car was relatively easy to identify, Michael Lookebill told ABC News, because they had the vehicle identification number and there were "unmistakable characteristics" like pinstripes on each side of the car.

The siblings shipped the car to their father's house in Brazil, Indiana. It arrived in April. When they finally did reveal the surprise to their dad, Michael videotaped his reaction and put it on YouTube, displaying his father's shock on social media.

"Our father gave us everything when we were kids, so we decided we wanted to do something for him now that we are older, to show him we appreciated him," Sarah Misner, Cory and Michael's sister, told ABC News.

The siblings declined to disclose the cost of the car.

Courtesy Corey Lookebill

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