Celebs Take to Twitter to Share Outrage Over George Zimmerman Verdict

VIDEO: George Zimmerman Reactions on Twitter

In the hours after the not guilty verdict was announced in George Zimmerman's trial, droves-including numerous celebrities- took to twitter to express their feelings on the case.

Shortly after the verdict was announced by the court, tweets about the case shot to more than 47,800 TPM (tweets per minute) according to the ABC News Social Desk.

In fact, tweets about the verdict surpassed the number of tweets about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012.

AP Photo/Gary W. Green, Pool

Some celebrities tweeted - then un-tweeted their outrage. Alec Baldwin, who recently quit twitter, took aim at the Sunshine state: "Florida is a parallel universe. A (explicative) up one." That tweet has since been deleted.

New York Giants Victor Cruz sent one of the most controversial tweets of the night: "Zimmerman doesn't last a year til the hood catches up to him." That tweet was later deleted, too.

Others urged restraint. Def Jam legend Russell Simons took a proactive approach to try and stem predicted violence:

Others voiced sadness…

And others outrage:

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