Do You Think Stand Your Ground Laws Are a Good Thing?

The end is finally in sight for the George Zimmerman murder trial. As soon as Friday, the jury will begin to answer the key question: Was Zimmerman's shooting of Trayvon Martin murder or self-defense?

Zimmerman claims he shot Martin in self-defense as Martin repeatedly banged his head against the pavement and reached for Zimmerman's gun. The case has sparked debate about Stand Your Ground laws, which some states - including Florida - have passed to increase legal protection of those who are judged to have killed in self-defense. (Zimmerman waived his right to a pretrial hearing to have a judge decide if he should be granted immunity under Stand Your Ground, and his defense has not invoked it at trial.)

The debate often boils down to whether these laws protect citizens and cut crime or increase a shoot-first, vigilante mentality.

What do you think? Chime in below, and watch the full story on "20/20: A Shot in the Dark" Friday at 10 ET.

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