Giant Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket Turns Up in Georgia Woman's Yard

Courtesy Aleena Headrick

When Aleena Headrick left her home in rural Waynesboro, Ga., recently, she was met with an unlikely sight in her front yard: an 8-foot tall metal Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket.

She was stunned. She called her children and asked them to check the yard to make sure they were seeing what she was seeing. They were.

"You just don't expect to see that when you leave your house," she said in an interview with

Headrick said when she came home late on Wednesday the yard was clear, and when she left her home on Thursday afternoon she saw the bucket.

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"There's not a road where it's at and we have dogs that would have barked, you know, if anybody was nearby, which was why it was surprising that it's all of a sudden sitting in the corner of my front yard," she said, adding that no one in her household heard or saw anything unusual on the night before the bucket appeared.

Despite the mystery, she found the enormous bucket's presence funny. She posted a photo on Facebook.

"Everybody wanted to know if there was chicken in it and I told them that my boys being teenagers had already checked and there was no chicken in it," she said.

That's about to change.

Rick Maynard, a spokesman for KFC, told ABC News that the company has offered to cater a picnic for Headrick and her family.

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"We have been in touch with her and we're working on a date when we can deliver Kentucky Fried Chicken and all the fixings for her and her family," she said.

Headrick is tickled by the offer, and by the excitement the bucket is bringing her.

"Some people have come to take pictures with it," she said. "We've got people going across our yard all morning long to go take pictures with it and so we just watch from the window and keep the dogs inside."

Headrick had no idea how the bucket came to be deposited in her yard until a local news report solved the mystery. According to WAGT-TV, an NBC station, Headrick's landlord, Freddie Taylor, is a collector of old signs, and he bought the old bucket and left it in the yard.

Taylor didn't return a call to ABC News. Headrick said she hadn't heard from her landlord about the bucket, and doesn't know what his plans were for it.

Asked if she minded the bucket being there, Headrick replied, laughingly: "I don't own the land that it's on so - I don't want anybody thinking that there's a Kentucky Fried Chicken around here because there's not. I don't want anybody turning into the driveway expecting to get chicken."

For now, she says the bucket makes a "really good landmark."

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Maynard said many of the chain's restaurants had big buckets as part of their signage, and estimated that the bucket was at least 30 years old, based on the style of the logo.

"So it's not that uncommon to see them, it's just very uncommon to see one in somebody's front yard," he said.

He added: "If anyone else finds a giant bucket on their front lawn please let us know, we'd be happy to feed them as well."

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