"I Escaped My Life" Airing on "20/20," Friday, July 19 at 10pm

Have you ever wanted to escape your life? From a family man who disappeared for more than 15 years to moms who escape the daily grind by using marijuana, "I Escaped My Life" airs on "20/20? on FRIDAY, JULY 19 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. "20/20? is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir. Reports include:

Runaway Family Man: Successful family man Eric Myers seemed to have it all: a loving wife, five children, a thriving business as one of Arizona's top real estate developers, and a prominent role in his local church. So what would cause him to go missing on a business trip and literally disappear from his life and his family for more than 15 years? Was it a kidnapping? Amnesia? Was there another woman? In this dramatic and surprising story, Deborah Roberts uncovers exclusive details of how Eric Myers allowed his own wife and kids to think he was dead for so long, and what he did while he was away. Also, for the first time, Myers' daughter Kirstin speaks candidly about her father's disappearance.

Marijuana Moms: When you think 'pothead,' certain images may come to mind. But there is a group of women who are trying to replace the stoner stereotype and redefine the modern cannabis consumer. They have taken to talk shows and twitter to spread their message: pot makes them better moms. Why? As medicinal users, they say that getting high has helped them escape a life of chronic pain, depression, anxiety and zombie-like motherhood from prescription pills. And their kids agree. Elizabeth Vargas reports.

Escaping Polygamy: Deep in the desert on the border between Utah and Arizona is a hidden world within modern America. Colorado City is home to the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints… the largest polygamous community in America. An investigation by ABC News reveals a town of 10,000 ruled by a man behind bars. Though serving a life sentence, Warren Jeffs, their leader and prophet, destroyed families by excommunicating dozens of men and women. Amy Robach reports on one boy's path to freedom and as he struggles to survive in the outside world he's been taught will be his damnation.

David Sloan is senior executive producer of "20/20? and John Green is the executive producer.

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