867-Strong Superman Gathering Soars Into World Record Book

David Hedges/SWNS

It wasn't a bird or a plane but a gathering of 867 people dressed in Superman capes that soared into the Guinness Book of World Records this week.

The world-record-making gathering took place last Saturday at Kendal Calling, a music festival in the U.K.

Though 1,200 Superman capes and red spandex were handed out, only 867 people dressed in the costumes were on-hand for the official count, according to the BBC.

That total was still large enough to easily smash the previous record for the world's largest gathering of Superman-dressed people, which had been claimed just two months ago, in June, by the Sears Holding Corporation in Chicago.

Though it was the world record that made headlines, the super heroic event at Kendal Calling was held for a good cause, to raise funds for Help for Heroes, a British charity dedicated to helping wounded soldiers.

"We have had some moments to remember for a lifetime at the festival this weekend, and seeing hundreds of supermen from three-years-old to 70 was simply amazing," Ben Robinson, director of Kendal Calling, told the BBC.

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