Helmet Cam Captures Motorcyclist's Collision With Black Bear

GMA VIDEO: Motorcyclist and Black Bear Collide

A motorcyclist's helmet cam captured the terrifying moment when he collided with a black bear on a highway in British Columbia.

Police in Canada released the video this week of the accident that occurred June 30 in British Columbia's Fraser Valley as a warning to drivers to not get distracted on the road.

In the video, the motorcyclist can be seen looking down at his bike's speedometer as it reaches faster and faster speeds, going from 0 km/hour to 140 km/hr in just seconds.

The black bear, appearing to be spooked by the sound of a passing train, darts onto the highway and into the motorcycle's path. The impact of the collision caused the driver to be thrown from his motorcycle.

Police said the driver suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He was given a ticket for speeding but was not charged.

The bear walked away from the accident without appearing to be injured.

"The video clearly shows nobody else on the road, and a nice clear dry day. Who would expect a bear to run across the road?" RCMP Cpl. Robert McDonald in a statement, according to the CBC. "While motorists don't often need to avoid bears, every day drivers may need to react to events such as dogs running out suddenly in front of their vehicle, or a cyclist swerving to avoid something, or even a child running out of a driveway."

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