Indianapolis Driver Rescued From Drainage Ditch After Falling Asleep

VIDEO: Shanika Parker said she "dozed off" before awakening upside down in a drainage ditch.

ABC News' Benjamin Krolowitz reports:

An Indianapolis woman who told 911 operators she "dozed off" while driving home from work was rescued this week after crashing her car into a ditch.

Shanika Parker, 28, called 911 around 5 a.m. Tuesday after she found herself trapped inside her car upside down in a drainage ditch off an Indianapolis interstate.

"I was driving home from work and I dozed off," Parker told the 911 operator. "My car flipped over and it's filling with water.

"I can't get out. Oh, Jesus, help me," Parker can be heard saying on the 911 calls.

Parker was disoriented and unable to give the 911 operator her exact location. Officials used Parker's cellphone to track her location and sent officers to help.

"The vehicle was submerged. And it was not really just water. It was more like a muddy swamp," Officer Nicholas Wroblewski of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said at a news conference.

Wroblewski and a fellow officer tried at first to free Parker by opening the car's back door but could not get the door open.

It eventually took five police officers to rescue Parker.

"I could see her hand sticking out," Officer Eric Huxley said. "But she was under water. And she got her head up for a second and took a big breath of air. And at that point, I got in between the car and the door and started pushing with both hands.

"And me and Wroblewski were pulling the door. And she got her head to stick out. And that's when our Officer Ramey and Officer Godby actually grabbed her by the shoulders and started pulling her."

Parker had only about eight inches of air left inside her car when she was pulled to safety, according to local ABC affiliate RTV6.

Parker was treated for minor facial injuries at a local hospital. She called the police officers who rescued her "heroes" in a statement thanking them for their service, RTV6 reported.

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