Wild 'Wanted' Poster for Package Thief

VIDEO: Tim Lake posted wanted posters after he caught a package thief on tape.

ABC News' Amanda Keegan reports:

When a tall blonde woman was captured on camera last Friday pilfering a package from Tim Lake's front porch, he was not satisfied just filing a police report.

Instead, the Arizona man took justice into his own hands to find out who stole his Amazon.com package. "She took the safety I feel in my home and that is something Amazon can't ship out next-day air," Lake said.

Lake, 29, created a tongue-in-cheek wanted poster for the woman he described as looking "like Sasquatch darting off into the forest" during the theft, which was caught on video.

"Eyes: vacant, uncaring, lack of soul. Height: about yay. Sex: Female-ish. Nationality: Un-American," read the description, in part, of the thief on Lake's wanted poster.

Within hours, Lake says, the email account he posted on the poster to collect leads was bombarded, but with more random replies than actual clues to find the thief.

"No leads," Lake said. "I have gotten a few marriage proposals and a couple of weird political rants."

Even without any leads right now, Lake believes he may still get the last laugh. Inside the stolen Amazon.com package were "a couple Keurig K-cups and a couple of ice trays," according to Lake, worth just $22.

"The hunter has become the hunted because I will find her," Lake said.

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