Craigslist Ad Offers Place With Syria-Obsessed Roommate

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A Craigslist post from a Brooklyn man fed up with his roommate's obsessive commentary on Syria has been getting big laughs online.

The poster says he's renting out his room immediately, though the apartment comes with his roommate Mike, who just can't shut up about Syria.

"Situated between the L, JMZ, and G trains, it's convenient no matter where you work and the neighborhood is loaded with great restaurants and bars. It never ends with Syria," the post says of the apartment. "It just keeps going until he's shared every opinion he has and then he just circles back and repeats. Utilities included."

The desperate man offered up his room "immediately" and said he'd even leave behind all of his belongings.

"As for me, I haven't been home in a week," he wrote. "I've been staying late at work, and then grounding myself at a bar until last call. Then I wander the streets until dawn breaks. Cold, afraid, and lonely; content only in knowing that I don't have to talk to my roommate about Syria."

"Oh really, Mike? 'Apathy towards the Middle East is bankrupting this nation's morality'? Stop using my shampoo."

It turns out that the post appears to be the work of Brooklyn-based comedian Andy Bankin who tweeted, "Oh the fun we have" along with a link to the Craigslist ad.

"I've been getting so many crazy responses for this," Bankin later tweeted. "People really want to find a good place in Williamsburg."

Oh, and if you know of a place available "with no roommate with opinions about Syria," please get in touch with Bankin.

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