SYRIA: CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE - ABC News to Air Landmark Series of Eyewitness Reports from Inside Syria

VIDEO: Behind the veil are women who are caught in the crisis carrying weapons

As Congress asks the big questions about the U.S. intervening in Syria, ABC News is providing viewers with a glimpse at a side of the war-torn country rarely seen - the frontlines through the eyes of ordinary Syrians. This landmark series of reports, " Caught in the Crossfire," debuted Wednesday, September 4 on "World News with Diane Sawyer." Reports will continue running across ABC News' television, digital, and radio platforms throughout the week. ABC News will air a special edition of "Nightline" dedicated to these reports in the coming week.

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Three months ago ABC News identified several individuals in the northern city of Aleppo, gave them cameras, and asked them to record their daily lives. Imagine growing up in a country at war, where a third of the population requires humanitarian assistance, where 20% have fled the country and a quarter of those who remain are forced to leave their homes. That's the fate of 3 million children in Syria. Through these eyewitness account viewers will meet a range of Syrians from one individual who survives barrels of TNT falling from the sky to children who are learning to sing war songs and teenage girls training to be snipers, among many others.

ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran and Middle East Correspondent Alexander Marquardt are contributing reporting for all broadcasts and platforms on the developing situation in Syria from the nearby city of Beirut. Muhammad Lila is reporting from the Turkey-Syria border.

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Jon Williams is the Managing Editor of International News for ABC News.

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