Texas Food Fight Caught on Students' Cell Phones

VIDEO: Dozens of high school students got into a food fight at a San Antonio Whataburger after a game.

A Texas football rivalry got messy when dozens of high school students got into a food fight at a San Antonio Whataburger after a game.

The food fight between O'Connor High School and Brandeis High School happened after Brandeis' football team defeated O'Connor 12-10 on Saturday night.

Students from both schools headed to Whataburger where the wild food fight broke out. Cell phone video showed food, drinks and trays flying through the air as students ducked and screamed.

Some students could be facing suspension for their actions, according to ABC News' San Antonio affiliate KSAT-TV.

"Campus administrators will review videos to identify students who will face appropriate consequences including suspension from school," Northside Independent School district spokesman Pascual Gonzalez said in a statement to KSAT. "NISD will also cooperate with law enforcement and restaurant management in pursuing criminal charges if warranted."

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(Credit: Steven Perez/FLickr)

A spokesman for Whataburger said they will not be seeking criminal charges.

"The principals from both Brandeis and O'Connor high schools have reached out to Whataburger to offer their sincere apology for the food fight," Whataburger Corporate Communications said in a statement to ABC News. "In addition, students from both schools, whether they were involved or not, have come to our restaurant and apologized, and we greatly appreciate the outpouring of support."

The burger chain said they understood that it was "an emotional moment" between small groups of students that were not representative of the entire student population.

"The Whataburger team will continue to welcome Brandeis and O'Connor students at our restaurants and we're also committed to continuing the partnership and support of both high schools," the statement said.

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