How to Get 71 Swans to the Veterinarian On Time

VIDEO: City workers in Lakeland, Fla., catch the majestic birds so they can be given a medical check-up.

How do you get 71 swans to the veterinarian without ruffling any feathers?

Ask the swan catchers, who for the 33rd straight year, netted the majestic birds today in Lakeland, Fla., so they could be taken for their annual medical examinations.

"It's just fun. It's different and fun and to do something that we know the community cares about and take care of, it's great," Steve Plat, who took part in the round-up, told ABC News' Tampa affiliate WFTS-TV.

The swans are a point of pride for the city and so officials said the annual round-up was important to make sure the birds stay healthy.

The birds are scheduled to be checked out by a local veterinarian on Wednesday and will then be returned to their home on Lake Morton.

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