Kevin Bacon the Pig Is Footloose and Refuses to Be Caught

VIDEO: A New Jersey high schools mascot has yet to be caught after resurfacing at a farm.

Somewhere in Swedesboro, N.J., a little pot-bellied pig called Kevin Bacon is running around footloose and evading every attempt to bring it back to its animal house.

Cassandra Hagstoz, Shane Murray and Angel Ekpo, all seniors at Kingsway Regional High School, first bought the young pig in early September, intending it to be a mascot for the Class of 2014. Initially named Dubbsy after their vice-principal at school, they were warned of the pig's speedy demeanor when they purchased it from a local farmer for $50.

"The guys on the farm said it took forever to catch him," said Hagstoz. "They said 'He's really fast, so don't let the pig go.'"

Unfortunately, the pig proved too agile to be kept penned. The very day they bought him, it jumped over its fence and zipped off into the woods while Murray and Ekpo were getting food and water for it.

Since its escape, the pig, now dubbed "Kevin Bacon," has popped up all over town and garnered quite a following. One excited fan, Greg Jones, created a Facebook page that collects pictures of random sightings of the pig.

"I am originally from New York City, so we don't usually get pigs running around in the backyard," Jones told ABC News on Tuesday. "When I heard about it, I was just enthralled with the idea."

However, its footloose days may be numbered.

The pig could become a victim to some of the coyotes that roam the area or it could also be hit by a vehicle, said Geralynn Castano, director of Gloucester County's Society to Protect Animals.

Or it could just make its way back home as the weather grows colder.

"It's not afraid of people, it's been raised by them," said Kelly Castano, a veterinarian for Gloucester County's Society to Protect Animals. "So it's likely that as it gets colder and the pig becomes hungrier, it will stop caring so much and head towards people."

Hagstoz said she is hoping that the pig will make its way back sometime sooner - maybe in time for homecoming.

"We figured homecoming, since it means everything is coming home, and everyone's all together, that it would be really great," she said.

Kevin Bacon the pig has been missing since early September.

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