Vote to Name the Twin Panda Cubs at Zoo Atlanta!

VIDEO: America can vote on a set of names for the cubs, the only twins ever to survive in the U.S.

The twin giant panda cubs at Zoo Atlanta are 86 days old today, fast-approaching the 100-day birthday, a milestone date in the Chinese tradition, when pandas are named.

Now nearly 7 pounds, the cubs are starting to become more mobile, according to the zoo. The first ever twin panda cubs to survive in the United States are simply known as "Cub A" and "Cub B" for a few more days.

Zoo Atlanta has teamed up with " Good Morning America" to put the pandas' names to a public vote. Five sets of names were provided by the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China's Sichuan province, and America will be able to vote through Oct. 21 at noon ET .

Click here to see photos of the cubs from birth to today.

As was the case with the cubs' older brothers, Mei Lan, Xi Lan and Po, the names are all Chinese and come from ancient Chinese idioms. Read below for more on the names and don't forget to vote for your favorite on!

1. Mei Lun and Mei Hua (Pronounced May Loon and May Hwaa) In English, the names mean Lun Lun's twin cubs born in the USA.

2. Mei Lun and Mei Huan (Pronounced May Loon and May Hwaan) These names stem from an ancient Chinese idiom, "Mei Lun Mei Huan," which was used to describe constructed buildings that are tall and magnificent. It has come to mean something indescribably beautiful and magnificent.

3. Tian Lun and Tian Le (Pronounced Tee-an loon and Tee-an luh) These names come from the Chinese idiom, "Tian Lun Zhi Le," which means the joy of family life or family happiness. In this context, the cubs' names would mean, "Lun Lun and her twin cubs are enjoying heavenly gifted family happiness," according to the staff at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

4. Lan Tian and Bi Shui (Pronounced Lan tee-an and Bee Shway) The names, meaning blue sky and clear water, are derived from another Chinese idiom, "Lan Tian Bi Shui," which is used to describe beautiful scenery.

5. Da Lan and Xiao Lan (Pronounced Dah Lan and Sheow Lan) The literal meaning of these names is bigger one ("Cub B") and smaller one ("Cub A") of the Atlanta-born twins.

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CLICK HERE to watch Zoo Atlanta's around-the-clock "Panda Cam."

One lucky fan will win a trip to Atlanta to be part of the cubs' 100 Day Naming Celebration at Zoo Atlanta and have an exclusive, behind-the-scenes encounter for two in the giant panda nursery. Click here to find out how to enter the Panda Extravaganza Sweepstakes.

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