ABC News Radio Offers Two-Hour Broadcast Special, "Three Shots Rang Out: An ABC News Special - The JFK Assassination 50 Years Later," Anchored by ABC News' Diane Sawyer

ABC News Special Features, Original ABC News Radio Special Reports, Eyewitness Accounts and Key Newsmakers

Exclusive ABC News Radio Special Now Available for Download at

To mark the 50 th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, ABC News Radio is offering a two-hour special broadcast, "Three Shots Rang Out: An ABC News Special - The JFK Assassination 50 Years Later," anchored by ABC News' Diane Sawyer. This AUDIO-ONLY program will be heard on ABC News Radio affiliates. In addition, a special expanded show will be available via download at as part of a new digital audio relationship between ABC News Radio and Audible.

ABC World News Anchor Diane Sawyer will take listeners back to Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 and the moment the assassination happened. Key moments include:

- The first audio reports of the assassination of President Kennedy.

- Real time ABC News Radio special reports, along with live reports from Dallas, Texas and Washington, D.C.

- Eyewitness accounts from that day in history and their reflections fifty years later.

- Highlights from key newsmakers of the day, including Secret Service officers, Dallas police, Lee Harvey Oswald's landlady and a doctor who tried to save the lives of President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald.

The version of this program will include an additional forty minutes of historical audio available exclusively to Audible listeners.

DOWNLOAD NOW: "Three Shots Rang Out: An ABC News Special - The JFK Assassination 50 Years Later"

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