California Man Accused of Kidnapping Estranged Wife, Performing Exorcism

VIDEO: Bianca Farias says she was kidnapped and forced to swallow oil after separating from her husband.

A California woman says her estranged husband and son kidnapped her outside a Walmart, told her she was possessed by three devils, and took her to a church where a pastor performed an exorcism that made her physically sick.

Blanca Farias of Stockton, Calif., says she agreed on Sunday to meet her husband Jose Magana-Farias, 42, to discuss the fate of their marriage. They had separated in January.

Instead of going to a nearby coffee shop, however, Farias says Magana-Farias and their son Victor Farias, 20, threw her into a pickup truck and drove her to a church 47 miles away.

"They were saying I had three devils inside of me," Blanca told ABC affiliate KXTV.

When they arrived at the church in Bay Point, Calif., Farias says she was restrained and a pastor covered her in oil, some of which she was forced to swallow.

"They started bathing me in oil," Blanca said. "They made me swallow some of that oil. I was throwing up and this pastor was saying, 'You've got the devil. Get off of her, get off of her,' until I fainted."

Blanca said she believes her husband was motivated to conduct the exorcism after he learned that she had been seeing another man since their separation.

Just before the exorcism, Blanca texted that boyfriend who in turn alerted police that the woman had been kidnapped. By the time Magana-Farias returned the woman to her home in Stockton, San Juan County deputies were waiting for them.

Magana-Farias and his son were arrested.

Both men were charged with felony kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap and false imprisonment, according to a sheriff's deputy at the San Joaquin County Jail.

Magana-Farias was placed on a "border patrol hold," which means he will be interviewed by immigration officials to determine his immigration status, the deputy, unauthorized to talk to the media, told

Both men are expected to appear in court today. Neither has yet to enter a plea or obtain a lawyer, according to officials.

Farias said the most difficult part of the ordeal was her son's involvement.

"That's what hurts me the most," she said. "Because it was my husband, who I haven't been with since January, and then my son, following the steps of the dad."

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