Dad Threatens Suit After Youth Football League Suspends Son

VIDEO: Victor Garza claims his 12-year-old son was unfairly sidelines by league officials.

A father in Texas is threatening to sue after his 12-year-old son was suspended from his youth football league team for allegedly violating its rules.

Victor Garza's son, also named Victor, plays quarterback for the New Territory Knights in the Fort Bend Youth Football league. According to ABC News affiliate KTRK, Garza says his son and another player were suspended from the Knights after the league said they had practiced with a different team.

Garza, however, says his son did not violate league rules. He argues that his son was trying out for the new team because he will soon be too old to play for the Knights.

"It's just unbelievable what several adults will go through to suspend a kid," he told KTRK.

Garza says the decision does not reflect an effort to support the well-being of players, but rather was made to benefit adults in the league. He notes that the board of directors who voted on the suspension includes coaches from rival teams.

His attorney has been in touch with the league and is threatening to sue for unfair practices among other legal violations, he said.

But according to a press release sent to KTRK, the league maintains that the two players were notified of their acceptance onto the new team October 10, well before the alleged incident took place. They say both suspended players were notified about practice rules prior to the suspension.

"After our investigation, we found out that the two players made the roster for the select football league on October 10th. Therefore, there should be no reason why they are currently trying out. The players were warned that they could not participate or practice with that team until the season was over. They violated the rules."

Though Garza's son is only 12 years old, his skills are already in high demand. He has won two championships with the Knights and was named the 12th ranked football player under 12 years old in Texas by VYPE magazine.

Garza did not respond to ABC News' multiple requests for a comment. Jalene Mack, an attorney working with the Knights franchise, told ABC News that she will not provide comment as the case involves a child.

Victor Garza, seen in this undated video, claims his 12-year-old son was unfairly sidelined by league officials.

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