Indiana Church Sign 'Not Adam and Steve' Offends Neighbors

VIDEO: Church in South Bend, Ind., put up sign that read "God said Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve."

A sign outside a South Bend, Ind., church has sparked controversy with its perceived anti-gay message.

Christ Temple Apostolic Church put up a sign Thursday morning reading, "God said Adam and Eve … Not Adam and Steve," setting off debate in the neighborhood.

John Monahon, a neighbor of the church who identifies himself as bisexual, said he took great offense to the sign and its implications.

"I don't think it should just be Adam and Eve. I think it should be Adam and Steve, too," Monahon, 23, told TV station WSBT. "That sign right there really does make people hurt inside."

The church has not responded to ABC News' request for comment, but its website says, "God is love, and that the purest expression of God filling our lives is that we love our fellow man as ourselves," a sentiment Monahon says the sign didn't reflect.

"It bothers me, because I am one of those people being put on the screen," Monahon said. "But it don't bother me inside, because I grew up with it. There ain't nobody gonna change my ways, you know?"

The sign was changed by Thursday afternoon to read, "God Loves U."

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