Mom-to-Be Left Speechless as Final Winner of 'GMA' Great Car Giveaway

VIDEO: Fran Revell of Decatur, Ga., gets the surprise of her life with a brand new Mazda CX5.

When Frances Revell turned 45 last week, the Decatur, Ga., mother of five, with one more on the way, gave herself the ultimate birthday present.

Revell, who is due in February, entered herself in the " Good Morning America" Great Car Giveaway.

"Tuesday, November 12th is my 45th birthday and that would be the best birthday present EVER!" Revell wrote in her submission essay.

See Mom's Reaction to 'Wicked Awesome' Surprise of a New Car

As is true in so much of Revell's life, the birthday gift she wanted for herself wasn't really about her at all, but all about her family.

Revell and her husband of 16 years, David, 37, share a 1999 Dodge Caravan with close to 300,000 miles on it. It is their only means of transportation for themselves and their five kids, ages 14, 11, 10, 7 and 6.

Each morning after they get the kids off to school, Revell's husband drops her off at her job at an insurance company before going to his own job at a medical company. Anytime there is a problem with the kids, or Revell needs to leave work early, her husband has to take the day off work too, something that doesn't help their tight financial budget.

"If we were to try to get another vehicle, [it would be] maybe summertime at the earliest after the baby comes and we can hopefully clear expenses out of the way," Revell told "GMA." "It's going to take us a long time to save up, though, and this car may not make it through winter. It's very stressful!"

Revell's car stress was erased today on "GMA" when it was revealed she was the third of three lucky winners in the giveaway to get a new 2014 Mazda.

"GMA" special correspondent Cameron Mathison showed up at the family's home, unaware that her friends, family and neighbors were gathered outside - with a car - to surprise her.

Dad of 10 Drives Away a Winner in 'GMA' Car Giveaway

After hearing several loud knocks at the front door, Revell answered, wide-eyed in complete shock.

The deserving mother immediately began tearing up, covering her mouth in astonishment at what was actually happening.

Mathison led Revell down the front steps of her home toward her brand-new car, which took some coaxing because she was utterly left speechless.

As she inched closer, all her closest friends and family were making their way up the driveway singing a song and clapping their hands in support of the hardworking friend and mother they all know and love.

Fighting back tears, covering her mouth and breathing deep, Revell sat in the driver's seat of her new Mazda for the very first time.

"Can you tell me how you feel," Mathison asked the awe-stricken mom, "or do your emotions speak for themselves?"

Still too shocked to speak, Revell's children pile into the backseat as she continues to fan herself and wipe tears from her eyes.

"She really got traumatized with the van going down and gave all hope up," Revell's husband, David, explained. "We were praying this would come through, and it came through."

But with a new bundle of joy on the way, no new car is equipped without a sturdy, reliable car seat, so "GMA" made sure to include one of those for the family as well.

"Obviously we know you're expecting," said Mathison. "You can't have a new car without a new car seat."

An overjoyed Revell finally began to regain composure amid all the shock and surprise, honking the horn of her new car for all her neighbors to hear.

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