ABC News' Vic Ratner to Retire from ABC News Radio

ABC News President Ben Sherwood sent the following note to the news division today announcing that ABC News' Vic Ratner will be retiring from ABC News Radio at the end of the month.

I am writing with news that Vic Ratner - our legendary work horse, Capitol reporter, war correspondent and space enthusiast - is retiring.

Most careers can be captured in words. Vic's career is captured in sounds.

In his incredible 40 years on the air for ABC News Radio, Vic has painted vivid pictures for our listeners with a rich and imaginative vocabulary that brought stories to life and gave meaning to "Gemini" and "Apollo" and even "filibuster" and "quorum." With every syllable, Vic defined and embodied excellence.

When Vic arrived at ABC in 1973, one of his first assignments was the trial of the "Watergate Seven" in Washington. He has covered every presidential campaign, political convention, inauguration and State of the Union since then, plus almost every space shuttle launch. He has reported from 54 countries and 49 states. For the record book, only South Dakota - the Mt. Rushmore State - has escaped his attention.

To fathom Vic's impact on radio journalism, simply reading about his career isn't enough. You must hear the man at work.

Listen as Vic and Bob Walker anchored live coverage of the Challenger Explosion on a clear day in January 1986. They were the only radio broadcasters still going live when the shuttle exploded.

Here's the link:

This was a defining moment in radio journalism, and Vic is truly a master at his craft.

Vic wanted to let you know the following:

"I have been fortunate to work with and learn from exceptionally talented and innovative people at ABC. Thanks to all of you for the collaborative effort, which makes us the best."

Vic's last day in the office will be December 31. We'll warmly acknowledge his amazing career at an event in the Washington bureau during the last week of January.

Until then, please join me in thanking Vic for 40 unforgettable years on the air. Also please join me in expressing our gratitude to his wife Judy for sharing Vic all these years. We wish them both the very best in the years ahead.


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