Follow Stuffed Animal's Twitter-Travel Adventure That Reunited It With Owner

Last Friday Lauren Bishop Vranch found what she thought was a "stuffed bear" at Kings Cross station in London. Knowing that the furry friend was likely very important to someone, Vranch used Twitter to help her find its owner.

Vranch said she tried to leave the stuffed bear with lost property but was told it would be dropped off at a station in Scotland, far away from where the animal's owner had traveled.

Instead, Vranch took the stuffed animal with her for a quick adventure to Newcastle, which is about 300 miles north of London, and started blasting photos of their adventure on social media.

Once they reached their destination, Vranch took her new stuffed friend for a spot of tea.

Later, the duo ended up in a pub that was all decked out for Christmas. But Vranch sensed the little guy was getting homesick.

They checked into a hotel, where Vranch pondered if the bear she had temporary custody of was actually a stuffed dog.

After regrouping at the hotel, the next stop was backstage at Northern Stage Newcastle, where Vranch and her new friend took in a pantomime show.

The next morning, the lost stuffed animal went for a stroll along the quay before preparing for the three-hour train ride back to London.

Her plan to turn in the bear - or dog - to lost property at the train station hit a snag, though. It turns out it was closed for the weekend.

Vranch took her new friend home, where the two watched "Strictly Come Dancing," the British version of "Dancing With the Stars."

Meanwhile, the Internet took notice of "Lost Bear's" adventure and tried to help find his owner.

Ben Simpson happened upon the "Spotted: On the Train" Facebook page, where he saw a familiar face. It turns out his daughter, Phoebe, had lost her well-loved furry friend.

It turns out the stuffed animal was actually a lion named Roar, which Phoebe had left behind on a journey from York to London.

It's a happy ending for Phoebe and Roar. Thanks to the miracle of social media, the little girl and her stuffed friend will soon be reunited.

Well done, Internet!

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