Hawaiian Woman Wins in Battle for Superlong Name on Driver's License

VIDEO: Janice launched a campaign to get her 36-character last name on a drivers license and state ID.

A Hawaiian woman with 36 characters in her last name has won her fight for space on her driver's license and state ID card to accommodate her full name.

It's a small but long victory for Janice "Lokelani" Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele.

Hawaii's Department of Transportation previously had a policy that left room for names up to 35 characters, according to The Associated Press. The problem was the woman - let's just call her Janice - had 35 letters in her last name, plus an okina, a special Hawaiian punctuation mark.

Janice fought for more space and won. The new state policy allows for 40 characters for last names, 40 for first names and 35 for middle names, the AP reported.

(Photo Credit: Credit: Chris Stewart/AP Photo)

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