2013: Yahoo-ABC News Network Remains #1 Destination for News & Information Online for 23 Consecutive Months

Total Page Views in December 2013 Tops 2.3 Billion, More Than Any Online Competitor

Live Stream & Original, Digital Video:

Throughout the year, ABC News and Yahoo News delivered countless hours of live stream coverage of the biggest stories and events of the year. From the second inauguration of President Barack Obama in January to the George Zimmerman verdict in July, millions of unique users turned to the Yahoo-ABC News Network in 2013 for up-to-the-minute live stream coverage of the day's top stories. In particular, the top leading live videos on ABCNews.com centered on the Boston Marathon bombings and the subsequent manhunt for the suspects, which resulted in a combined total of over 3 million video views across desktop alone. Other top live and short form videos across desktop included the election of Pope Francis to succeed Pope Benedict XVI in March, the birth of the Royal Baby, and George Zimmerman resurfacing in a truck rescue in July 2013.

In addition to live stream coverage during breaking news events, the Yahoo-ABC News Network also led the online space in other key areas including original, digital video production. The combined network's original digital video series drew millions of unique viewers throughout the year from President Obama's exclusive interview for the ABC News/Yahoo News series, "Newsmakers" to interviews with tea party favorite Governor Scott Walker and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the daily political series, "Power Players."

Page Views:

In 2013, the Yahoo-ABC News Network ranked #1 in total page views, surpassing any other online news competitor. As the premier leader of news and information online, the Yahoo-ABC News Network maintained its lead in the month of December, delivering a combined total of 2.3 billion page views, topping:

Yahoo-ABC News Network (2.3 billion)

• CNN Network by 45% (1.6 billion)

• HMPG News by 97% (1.2 billion)

• CBS News by 257% (644 million)

• Fox News Digital by 186% (802 million)

• NBC News Digital by 215% (729 million)

• New York Times Digital by 428% (435 million)

(Source: comScore Media Metrix, December 2013)

Millions of digital readers turned to the Yahoo-ABC News Network throughout the year for the latest news highlights to entertainment, tech and health features.

Top day stories for page views in 2013 included:

- Top 50 iPad Apps: The Best Apps for Your New Tablet (4.2 million page views)

- Boston Bomb Suspect's Dad Learns of Son's Capture: 'Tell Police Everything' (2.6 million page views)

- Watch These 11 Streamed Netflix Movies Before Jan. 1 (2.9 million page views)

Unique Users:

Last month more unique users turned to the Yahoo-ABC News Network for a wide array of in-depth features, live blogs, exclusive interviews and breaking news updates. In December 76 million unique users visited the Yahoo-ABC News Network, outperforming:

Yahoo-ABC News Network (76 million)

• CNN Network by 18% (64 million)

• HPMG News by 23% (62 million)

• NBC News Digital by 45% (52 million)

• CBS News by 112% (36 million)

• New York Times Digital by 146% (31 million)

• Fox News Digital Network by 166% (29 million)

(Source: comScore Media Metrix, December 2013)

GoodMorningAmerica.com on Yahoo:

In 2013 more unique users turned to GoodMorningAmerica.com on Yahoo! for exclusive interviews, entertainment and lifestyles features and "Good Morning America's" daily, digital live stream, "GMA Live." Additionally, GoodMorningAmerica.com on Yahoo had 16% more unique visitors and 56% more unique video viewers on average in 2013 than Today.com. (Source: comScore Media Metrix Key Measures, March-December 2013)


The Yahoo-ABC News Network led the way in 2013, attracting more unique visitors and page views than any other online news source. In addition to this success, ABC News Digital witnessed incredible growth across ABC News mobile and applications in 2013. Throughout the year, more and more users turned to ABC News' mobile web and apps to stay on top of the biggest news and videos of the day. In November, year-over-year monthly mobile unique users increased by 165%, according to data provided by comScore.

In October 2013, ABC News Digital also launched the completely new ABC News Phone app for iPhone and Android devices which greatly contributed to the steady rise in mobile traffic across applications. In November 2013, ABC News app installations were up over 40%, with total mobile video views up 34% since the October launch. Additionally, total mobile video views were also up 87% year over year. (Source: Adobe SiteCatalyst 2013)


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