'Don't Tase Me Bro' Guy's Aftershock Surprise

VIDEO: Andrew Meyer was arrested in 2007 after disturbing a town hall forum featuring John Kerry.

Andrew Meyers was a 21-year-old journalism student who gained Internet fame in 2007 with his fratty plea "don't tase me bro," when he tried to question then Sen. John Kerry at an event and ended up being tased by campus police.

Now 27, the Florida native has graduated from law school, is engaged, and has landed a job as a staff writer for Photography Is Not a Crime, a First Amendment blog established in Miami.

Photography is Not a Crime, also known as PINAC, spotlights the rights of photographers and the First Amendment rights of the public.

"Meyers is very mature, he's very focused, and he's very professional," PINAC founder Carlos Miller told ABC News. Miller notes that the "Don't tase me bro" episode is something that Meyers hopes to leave in the past.

Carlos was not planning to hire a full-time staffer, but once he saw Andrew's body of work, he knew he would make a solid addition to his team. "I looked at his writing, and I knew right away he has it down. He has his voice," Miller said.

Meyers reached out to Miller via email in the hopes of landing a three-month internship with the Miami-based blog. A Humble Meyers didn't even mention his viral fame of the past, but instead simply asked how he can help with the here and now, as Miller explained it.

"He wants to take his life to another level. He plans on taking the bar exam at the end of February," Miller explained to ABC news. "He wants to get licensed and he wants to help people. That's what our website is all about," Miller said.

Now writing for PINAC, Andrew Meyers will be working on 15 stories a month for the online news source as he prepares for the exam coming up next month.

Miller notes that Meyer's interest is found in number of arenas including criminal defense, forclosure defense, and taking civil action to help citizens overcome abusive organizations.

PINAC founder Carlos Miller and new staff writer Andrew Meyers hold up stickers for their blog at a Starbucks in Miami, Jan. 8, 2014. Credit: Carlos Miller

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