Runaway Tortoise Found 30 Miles From Home

(Image Credit: Sarah Ruf/AP Photo)

Can a tortoise actually "run" away?

Whatever the velocity, a 100 pound tortoise lumbered 30 miles before he was found and taken in by a foster family. It took the reptile six months to cover the distance.

Earlier this month the animal was reunited with his Arizona owners, according to the Associated Press.

When taking care of the tortoise, which was renamed "Eddie," became too much, the foster family decided to place an advertisement in the Copa Monitor, a local publication, in hopes of finding his owner, the AP reported.

"Eddie has quite the personality!" the advertisement said. "He was found as a stray and appeared to be very well taken care of, yet no one came forward to claim him. He is about 15 years old and will live another 70+ years, so a family who is committed to him for life is very, very important."

The news of the mystery tortoise caught the attention of George and Mary Plumb, who had two tortoises - Samson and Goliath - escape their home at different times last year. One was recovered but the other made a clean getaway.

A microchip that had been implanted in the tortoise that was more than found a marathon's distance away from home confirmed it was indeed the missing member of their menagerie. Whether it was Samson or Goliath, though, was anyone's guess.

George Plumb told the AP his next big challenge is figuring out how to keep the curious reptiles from plodding away from home again.

"I don't have the best tortoise enclosure, I'll be honest," he said. "I probably need a brick wall."

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