Chase, Chilling Shootout Caught on Police Video

ABC News' Ryan Owens reports:

Albuquerque police have released video showing a high-speed chase between officers and a suspect who was killed in an exchange of gunfire.

The shaky lapel video details the tense Oct. 26, 2013 incident - including the officers' radio communications about the shooter-identified as 35-year-old Christopher Chase. The officers can be heard being told to take out the shooter if the opportunity presented itself, and watchers can hear their distress when fellow officers are shot.

The video released Tuesday shows officers shooting at Chase, and an injured officer being treated by colleagues while the incident is ongoing.

"He [Chase] was dressed in camouflage clothing with a black mask over his face and he had one intention and that one intention was to kill as many police officers as possible," Albuquerque Deputy Chief of Police Eric Garcia told ABC News.

The incident started when a body armor-clad Chase told members of the public to call police and tell them that he was awaiting them.

Chase was carrying an assault rifle, and fired upon the first officer to show up, stealing his police cruiser and leading police on a chase through Albuquerque.

Chase managed to shoot three Albuquerque officers and one Bernalillo deputy before he was killed by police.

"The officers at the final destination were basically trying to stop his actions," Garcia said. "This subject was not going to give up, it was obvious."

All four officers survived, but the deputy, Robin Hopkins, was hit by a bullet that severed an artery in her leg.

"They've all been released from the hospital," Garcia said, adding that two out of the four officers injured have not yet returned to duty.

Chase, who had the words "cop killer" tattooed on his body, was shot eight times. His autopsy was released Tuesday.

"He obviously wanted to hurt as many officers as possible because he did not shoot at citizens, he only shot at police officers," Garcia said. "We are very fortunate that more officers weren't injured or killed."

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