Mystery Photos in California Locket May Be Texas Woman's Family

Texas woman believes photos inside locket found in California might be her mother and great-uncle.

The mystery surrounding a locket containing aged photos of a man and a girl may be solved after relatives of a woman in Texas saw the story on television.

Christina Rome bought the locket at a yard sale in Concord, Calif.

When Rome, who could not be reached today by, discovered the photos inside, she was so interested in their origins that she contacted ABC News station KGO-TV in San Francisco to see whether it could help find the locket's rightful owner.

"It broke my heart when I opened it and there were pictures still inside," Rome told KGO in an interview that aired Wednesday. "Somebody, somewhere loved these two people so much that they kept them close to them at all times in this locket."

Less than two days later, and nearly across the country, a Texas woman contacted ABC News station KTRK-TV in Houston to say she believed the photos are of her mother and great-uncle.

Martha Anne Pierson, who lives in the Houston area, told KTRK that her great-uncle disappeared in the Northern California area decades ago while searching for gold and silver.

Pierson believes the photos inside the locket are of him and her mother because she was his favorite as a child growing up.

"She often told us that if he were ever found, that she was pretty certain he would have a locket of picture of her with him," said Pierson, who has not responded to's request for comment.

Pierson is now in touch with Rome to verify that the photos are, in fact, her relatives. She and her family are gathering family photos as proof, according to KTRK.

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