Olympic Figure Hating: New Events Suggested By Twitterverse

The #BadOlympicEvents hashtag has led to several unexpected mash-ups of Winter Olympics sports. @ScottFilmCritic/Twitter

For those suffering Winter Olympics fatigue or starting to find the early morning curling sessions slightly yawn-worthy, the Twittersphere is injecting some humor and creativity back into the games with its pun-ny (and purposefully terrible) suggestions for the worst Olympic events.

The #badolympicevents hastag has been attached to hundreds of tweets so far of imaginary events we're pretty sure would never make the IOC program shortlist.

The bane of every motorist's day would make for terrible television.

Even a mixed salad event might not be tempting enough to watch.

Similar to Olympic weightlifting, this sport involves elements of hip thrusting and squatting.

The specifics of this event still need some ironing out…

Giving the term "judging panel" a whole new meaning and mandate.

Would an event featuring Kim and Co. help boost Olympics ratings?

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