Photo Shows Why Ski Cross May Be Wildest Olympic Sport

(Image Credit: Andy Wong/AP Photo)

The French may have swept the podium in ski cross, but no photo better shows the chaos of the course than the wild finish today during the quarterfinals.

The ski cross course pits four skiers against each other as they travel over obstacles including big jumps, small rollers and sharp turns.

Sweden's Victor Oehling Norberg had a comfortable lead as he approached the finish line, but wiped out. Russia's Egor Korotkov then took a spill, along with Finland's Jouni Pellinen.

Switzerland's Armin Niederer managed to stay out of the fray and crossed the finish line first. Among the three-way spill, which including flailing skis and poles, it was determined that Korotkov would be the second person to advance.

He ended up finishing fifth.

The French sweep today was the first time the country had swept the medals at any Olympics since the 1924 games in Paris.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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