Slithery Gator Gets Stuck in Storm Sewer

VIDEO: Alligator Stuck in Storm Drain

Residents of a country club community in Sarasota, Fla., got a surprise visitor this week in the form of an alligator stuck in a storm drain.

The alligator's precarious position was captured in a photograph taken Wednesday by Kirby Rolfe, an employee at The Meadows, a 3,450-residence community in Sarasota.

The neighborhood has more than 80 lakes and waterways, so it's not unusual to see wildlife. But it was unusual to see wildlife poking its head out of a storm drain, especially an estimated nine-foot alligator.

The alligator stayed stuck in the storm drain, head sticking out, throughout Wednesday and Thursday but had slithered its way further back into the storm drain by this morning, a Meadows employee told

Florida Fish & Wildlife officials told local ABC affiliate WWSB that the property owner would have to contact them if they want the alligator removed.

The manager of The Meadows was not available for comment today.

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