Snow Furies Rage With Guns, Shovels and Golf Clubs as Winter Hangs On

VIDEO: Gary Pruit used 700 blocks of ice to create the frozen wonder in his Minnesota front yard.

Tempers are rising as the snow continues falling. It seems as though Seasonal Affective Disorder has hit much of the northeastern United States. Tempers flare as temperatures drop and residents plow through the snow, anxiously waiting for spring's seemingly overdue arrival.


A Michigan man has been charged with assault with the intent to commit murder and assault with a dangerous weapon after allegedly firing a handgun at a tractor plow, shattering its window.

Pittsfield police found Bevan Wilson, who is charged with shooting at the snow plow's driver, may have been "trying to kill him and not just break the window," Deputy Chief of Police Gordon Schick told ABC News.

The driver escaped without any injuries, police said.

It began with an argument over the snow early Tuesday morning. "I did not realize there was so much danger moving snow," Schick added.

According to the police report, "the incident began as a result of snow being moved in front of the suspect's personal vehicle and the vehicle not being able to be moved as a result."

"This is very unusual for our area," Schick said. "It's a relatively calm area. We don't get acts of violence like that."

The police removed more firearms from Wilson's home, Schick said. Wilson, 39, is being held in Washtenaw County Jail, with bond set at $45,000 cash.

Pittsfield Police Department

Acts of kindness aren't truly from the heart when you expect something in return.

Massachusetts man Michael Conroy, 25, got a gun pulled out on him by a 79-year-old woman, when he demanded money from an elderly couple for shoveling snow without permission Tuesday night.

According to a police report, Conroy knocked and asked Patricia Dussault, 79, if he could shovel their front walkway and driveway at around 7 p.m. Dussault declined the offer, but he went ahead and did it anyway, police said.

Conroy came back to the front door and demanded money for the work he had done so far, but Dussault "once again told him she did not want his services and asked him to leave," police said. When asked to get off her property, Conroy banged on the door a third time, which prompted Leo Dussault, 81, to ask Conroy to leave/

When Conroy did not leave, "Patricia, fearing for her family's safety, grabbed her firearm, brought her husband inside and told Conroy to get off her property," police said.

Lowell Police Department Capt. Kelly Richardson told ABC News "everything was legal," Patricia was licensed to have that firearm. "She never takes the gun out until her husband gets involved in it," Richardson said. "She was probably trying to be protective of him because he is a little older," Richardson said.

There will be no charges, but Conroy has been given a verbal warning to stay off the Dussault's property or he will be arrested for trespassing.

Patricia and her firearm passed the police check. Her firearm was registered in Massachusetts and was properly stored in her safe.

David Wood

Be careful where you blow your snow or you'll never know what hit you.

David, Wood, 52, owner of Puff the Magic cigar shop and bar was allegedly assaulted by a neighbor, William Caouette, while snow blowing his shop's driveway.

Caouette's alleged weapon of choice: an orange plastic snow shovel.

According to Sgt. Sean Sweeney of the Barnstable Police Department, Wood was snow blowing his parking lot, and the snow was shooting out and some landed on Caouette's ca. "Willaim Caouette took exception to that," Sweeney said.

The incident occurred around 2 a.m. in a commercial part of Massachusetts. When Caouette saw Wood snow blowing, "He started screaming," Wood told ABC News. "I couldn't make out what he said. I could tell it was really bad, it was frightening," Wood said. "I thought I might call it a night. I pulled my snow blower into my store, I was backing it in, and that's when he came up onto my property," Wood said.

"I asked him what's up and he says it looks like you have a lot of work to do. I'm going to help," Wood said.

"He couldn't get close to me because the snow blower was between us," Wood said.

"It looked like he was going to shovel the first step" when Caouette turned to Wood and hit him three or four times with the shovel before Wood was able to get the shovel away from Caouette, Wood said.

A couple boys from a hotel across the street, retrieving their car from Wood's parking lot, stopped to help, he said.

Mary Harrigan, a witness and owner of Cottage Chic across from Puff the Magic, said she saw Caouette hit Wood in the head with the orange plastic snow shovel several times, according to the police report.

According to Wood, Caouette's car was already completely buried by snow. "There was little sign of a car at that point," Wood said. "I don't think I made a big difference."

Caouette was arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon. He could not be reached for comment.

Gary Pruitt holds shoe from a kid who chased off after the boys destroyed his ice castle in Minneapolis. KTSP/ABC News

Gary Pruitt's "priceless" ice castle was obliterated when two troublemakers hacked through it with a couple of golf clubs.

In a matter of minutes, Pruitt's ice castle, inspired by the 1992 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace, built 10 feet high, 50 feet long, with 700 blocks of ice, was demolished.

The incident happened early Saturday morning. The two boys got away, but one ran out of his Nike sneaker.

Pruitt told ABC News Minneapolis and St. Paul affiliate, KSTP, the shoe was a war trophy. "I would have felt a lot worse about it if I didn't get to scare them so good and have some fun," Pruitt said.

Pruitt had a message for the child's parents. "I have your kid's shoe. You're welcome to come and get it if you like, otherwise it will be mounted on a pole right there bronzed. Everybody in the neighborhood will see it every day," he said.

Pruitt never called the police on the two young vandals. If it hadn't been for them, his beloved ice castle might have stayed up until May. Pruitt told KSTP, next winter, he may put up a snow sculpture in front of his home, but it won't be an ice castle.

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