Winter Olympics 2014: Johnny Quinn Explains 'Unfortunate Mishap' With Sochi Bathroom Door


You've probably by now seen U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn's Hulk smash through a Sochi bathroom door after it jammed Saturday. Quinn told "Good Morning America" today that he was so happy to escape the bathroom but after he saw the gaping hole, he thought he would get in trouble.

"At that time I was so mad and frustrated I didn't even have a towel in there. I was just excited to finally get out of there. Once I got out of there and put a towel on, I looked back at the door and said 'Oh man there's a giant hole in there. I might get in trouble for this,'" Quinn said.

But before busting through the door, Quinn said his teammates and neighbors didn't hear his loud bangs on the wall for help.

"I banged on the door and it cracked. And so I hit it even harder and my fist went through the door. So when I saw light from the room I said, 'Hey it's time to get out of here,'" Quinn said.

The 6-foot, 220-pounder said he used his bobsled training to finally bust down the door. Quinn immediately notified the United States Olympic Committee about the destruction and said he had a new door by the end of the night.

"I had a little unfortunate mishap with the door. I think that could have happened to anybody, anywhere. It just happened to happen to me," Quinn explained.

Quinn posted the image on Twitter and within hours it went viral with more than 25,000 retweets.

"There are a lot of creative people out there putting a really funny spin on what happened," Quinn said. "My teammates and I are having a really good time laughing at the comments now that everybody's safe and the door situation is squared away."

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