12 Campers Rescued From Flooded Alabama Creek

Rescuers brought five adults and seven children to safety after they were trapped by rising water.

Twelve campers were rescued from an overflowing creek in Prattville, Ala., Sunday morning after they became stranded during a flash flood.

It happened after heavy rain and storms moved through the area causing the creek to overflow near their campground. The campers became stranded at Pine Creek near Cooters Pond as the rising waters trapped them from their vehicles.

"They were at the junction where the Pine Creek and Alabama River connect, so as you can imagine the water quickly rises there," Ernie Baggett of Autauga County Emergency Management Agency told ABC News.

Two vehicles became submerged when a self-rescue was attempted, and shortly after the victims called 911. Seven adults and five children were rescued, officials said.

"They are very fortunate to have had the Swift Water Rescue team respond so quickly. If this happened in a county that didn't have swift water rescue this could have gone very differently."

Swift Water Rescue responds to disasters in conjunction with the Autauga County Emergency Management Agency and Prattville Fire department.

"It took less than 10 minutes to safely get everyone from the trapped area on an inflatable rescue boat," Baggett said.

The 12 campers did not suffer any injuries. An emergency responder says all are doing well and none had to be transported to the hospital following the rescue.

Ernie Baggett/Autauga County Emergency Management Agency

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