The Cute Way Iowa State Football Coach's Son Asked Basketball Coach's Daughter to Prom

Credit: Vickie Rhoads/

The Iowa State Cyclones will take on the Connecticut Huskies at Madison Square Garden in New York tonight in a battle to join the Elite Eight - but head coach Fred Hoiberg surely has something else on his mind, too.

His daughter, Paige, was the subject of a YouTube promposal that has gone viral. The singing and guitar-playing gentleman in the video isn't just anyone, either.

He's Wyatt Rhoads, the son of Iowa State's football coach, Paul Rhoads.

The clever high school junior wrote a song for Paige, who is in New York with her father, to the tune of the Pain White T's "Hey There Delilah."

"Hey there Paige, I know that prom is getting closer," he sings. "But just believe me girl, you'll have a date when this song is over."

Paige tweeted her reply to Wyatt's promposal.

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