Ukrainian Soldiers Tie the Knot Just Before Crimean Airbase Stormed

A Ukrainian military couple celebrated their wedding at an airbase. (Associated Press)

Two lieutenants celebrated their marriage at a Ukrainian military airbase just hours before it was stormed by Russian forces today, according to the Associated Press.

The couple celebrated with senior officers at the Belbak airbase, including base commander Yuliy Mamchur, even though Russian tanks were looming nearby.

There wasn't much time for formalities as both bride and groom wore basic jackets and pants at the celebration.

Mamchur opened champagne for the newly married couple. (Associated Press)

In keeping with tradition the bride held a large bouquet and after the ceremony Mamchur opened champagne for the couple and their guests.

Speaking to the couple he reportedly said this was an "important" day.

"Me, as a commander, I understand this day is the most important for you (speaking to bride and groom) and the whole world will see it," said Mamchur, according to the Associated Press.

The couple enjoyed the champagne after the ceremony. (Associated Press)

Troops at the base enjoyed the festivities just hours before Russian forces stormed the base. (Associated Press)

Just a few hours after the ceremony Russian troops used a tank to break though the gate to the airbase and effectively took it over. Shots were fired and one person was injured in the confrontation.

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