Unbelievable Photos of a Cheetah Playing Peak-A-Boo

VIDEO: Cheetah Climbs on SUV, Surprises Tourists Through Sunroof

A cheetah playing peak-a-boo gave one photographer the opportunity of a lifetime to take some unbelievable photos.

Australian photographer, Bobby-Jo Clow, 31, who specializes in wildlife photography, was in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania when a group of cheetahs approached her car.

A cheetah sniffs the head of a safari guide in this when it stuck its head through the photographer's sun roof while on safari in Tanzania. Bobb-Jo Clow Photography/Caters News Agency

According to Clow's Facebook page, a female jumped onto their vehicle, climbed up onto the open roof and smelled Clow's head - putting its paw just inches from her face.

"I tried to stand up but she hissed at me. This was probably one of the greatest moments of my life," Clow wrote.

Clow, who has been photographing wildlife for the past seven years, is now running photographic safaris to give others the opportunity to capture amazing photos.

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