Watch an Airborne Truck Sail Over Police Cruiser

VIDEO: Dash cam footage shows the truck flying between two stopped cars on an Iowa highway.

Two Iowa police cars parked on the side of the highway barely missed total destruction by way of an airborne truck flying in the narrow gap between them.

In the video, a cop walks to his car on the side of I-80, seconds away from getting crushed by the out-of-control truck. A second cruiser's camera caught the whole near-miss.

An airborne truck flies between two stopped cars near Des Moines, Iowa, March 17, 2014. (Johnson County Sheriff'€™s Office )

The accident was caused by a semi driver failing to slow down when approaching an accident scene. The semi rammed into a pickup, causing it to careen across lanes of traffic and into the back of the squad car.

A spokesman for the Johnson County Sheriff's Office declined to comment. One trooper did suffer minor injuries, according to a highway patrol officer.

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