Baby Giraffe Reunited with Family

A 3-month-old Ugandan giraffe, Leroy, is let into the East Africa exhibit at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park after spending more than a month receiving intensive care to treat a bacterial infection. Leroy made a full recovery and was able to rejoin his herd. (Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo Safari Park)

It might be the sweetest thing you see all day. After weeks of illness, a baby giraffe named Leroy was reunited with his mother and the rest of his herd at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The calf had been diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection just two weeks after he was born in January, a condition that made his chances of survival slim.

But after extensive treatment by the zoo, the calf made a full recovery. After this, Leroy was kept in a restricted area of the zoo to prepare for his reintroduction.

On Monday, he could finally nuzzle with his mother again.

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