Calif. Boy, 5, Calls for Help to Save Mom During Road Trip

Caden Baker helped an OnStar service operator send help after his mother lost consciousness.

Caden Drake, 5, and his 4-year-old brother were riding in the back of an SUV when their mother pulled over on the side and lost consciousness.

"On the way to their Riverside home, Ashley was on the phone with her mother and told her she wasn't feeling well after she took prescription medication… she then pulled over on the side of the road and passed out," said George Baker, emergency services outreach manager of OnStar, told

Baker said that Caden later got out of his booster seat and picked up the phone and his grandmother told him to call OnStar, a 24/7 Detroit-based emergency road assistance service in the United States and Canada.

"When Caden was on the phone with us, we had two operators working with him simultaneously. One was trying to locate the vehicle using the OnStar GPS tracking system, and the other was on the phone with Caden trying to talk him through the crisis until Riverside Police arrived," said Baker.

The audio recording of the phone call with OnStar showed how Caden maintained his calm while waiting for help to arrive.

"This is LeAnn with OnStar Emergency, what's your name?" the operator said.

"Caden," he replied.

"What's mommy doing?" LeAnn asked.

"She, she's crying, and she has her eyes closed," Caden said.

Caden also told LeAnn that he was in the car with his brother.

The OnStar operator commended Caden for his performance. "Well done, Caden," LeAnn said.

"The way Caden handled the crisis is really mature for his age. Thanks to Caden the situation ended well," said Baker.

Baker also said that the the mother and both sons are safe and came out of this unharmed.

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