Except for Lucky Few, 'Once in a Lifetime' Meteor Shower Disappoints

Stargazers stayed outside for hours to catch a glimpse of the meteors. (Courtesy of Bob King)

It looks like forecasting for space events can be just as hard as forecasting the weather. Friday night's "once in a lifetime" meteor shower apparently wasn't quite as impressive as hoped.

Scientists weren't sure how the very first May Camelopardalid meteor shower would appear, but early predictions seemed to indicate an epic light show for North American viewers. However, it turns out the meteor shower was more of a dribble.

Some stargazers took to Twitter to lament that the shower wasn't exactly fireworks.

However, there were a few lucky viewers who managed to snag a few good pictures of the streaking meteors. Bob King, an amateur astronomer from Duluth, Minnesota, said he stayed out from 11 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. to get some decent shots.

Although he saw a few meteors, he said it wasn't as extraordinary as predicted. "It was a weak shower" King told ABC News. "I know locally here [people] saw maybe four or five. It's a long time to see that few."

Many viewers saw only a few meteors or none at all. (Courtesy of Bob King)

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