Mama Bear Saves Cub From Highway Danger

VIDEO: Mama Bear Pulls Cub Off Highway

A professional storm chaser driving through British Columbia's Kootenay National Park captured on camera a moment that shows even bears need a mother's love and protection.

Ricky Forbes , a member of the Tornado Hunters storm chasing team, stopped his car when he saw a small bear cub on the side of a highway as other cars passed by.

While Forbes, who lives in Alberta, Canada, trained his lens on the cub, a larger bear, the cub's mom, popped her head over the highway barrier and looked both ways before lifting her baby cub up and off the highway and away from danger.

"While watching the cub we saw the mama bear stick [its] head over the barrier to save [its] young from its dangerous predicament. A very amazing sight to see," Forbes wrote on Newsflare, where his video was posted.

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