Teen Stowaway Caught on Video Exiting Jet Wheel Well

VIDEO: Surveillance Video of Teen Stowaway After Flight

Hawaii officials today released surveillance video showing the 15-year-old stowaway who survived a 5½-hour flight from San Jose, California to Hawaii as he exited a jet's wheel well.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation's tape shows Yahya Abdi dropping out of the Boeing 767's unpressurized, unheated wheel well after the flight landed in Maui April 20. The boy, who was miraculously not injured in the incident, left the state last weekend, but officials would not say where they sent him or with whom.

He has not spoken publicly about the ordeal that raised questions about airport security and revealed the personal family drama of a Somali immigrant struggling to adjust to life in the United States. the AP reported. Abdi, who lives in Santa Clara, California, with his father, stepmother and siblings, had been unhappy and desperately missed his mother, family friends said.

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