Two Deer Crash Into a Downtown Antique Shop

VIDEO: Deer Crash Into Antiques Store

The amount of damage caused by two deer inside a Texas antique is still being calculated more than 24 hours after the pair crashed through the store's glass windows and walked around like they were customers, the store's owner says.

One of the deer didn't stay long, departing the store and crashing into a nearby cafe, leaving one deer to browse through the shop.

"He pretty much just walked around in the aisles," Downtown Treasures' owner Debbie Cooper told ABC News. "I don't know how long he was in the store, but he managed to go in every room and check out every room."

Police arrived at the 12-room antique store in downtown Livingston around 4 a.m. Thursday after the deer set off the store's security alarm.

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Cooper arrived shortly after and watched as police spent nearly 40 minutes trying to get the deer out of her store.

"He'd get spooked when the police were trying to direct him to an exit," Cooper said, noting that one officer grabbed a decorative oar from the store's "man cave" section to try to steer the deer in the right direction. "He'd run into things or jump things."

The deer finally managed to escape on its own by crashing through another glass window in the rear of the store, despite being injured by shards of glass and damage to his hip.

"There was blood everywhere," Cooper said. "You could kind of follow his trail through the store."

While police officers tried to see where the deer headed outside, Cooper and the owner of a neighboring café discovered the second deer had found its way into the café's kitchen.

"That deer had jumped over into the café, unbeknownst to any of us," Cooper said. "He was very spooked and crashed through the glass door to get outside to the sidewalk and ran off."

Cooper says she has no idea how the deer found their way to her store considering it is in a downtown location miles away from any kind of wooded area. In her store's 13-year existence, this was the first time anyone or, in this case, any animal has broken into the store.

"It's just crazy," said Cooper, who closed her store Thursday to clean the aisles and have the carpets professionally scrubbed.

Cooper is meeting with her insurance adjuster today, she says, to get an estimate of the damage done by the two deer but describes it as a "miracle" that the damage was not any worse than it was.

"There's broken glass, a broken entry and exit, stuff everywhere and blood on the carpets but it is just miraculous what things did not get broken," she said. "He just kind of walked through."

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