Washington Photographer Taunted By Thieves on Facebook

Adding insult to injury, a group of thieves not only allegedly stole a Longview, Wash. photographer's car and camera on Wednesday night - but also taunted the owner about it on his Facebook page.

Bobby Oliver told ABC NEWS affiliate KATU that the thieves posted a picture of his stolen items on his Facebook page and wrote a note about it in the comment section.

Oliver said that he lost his keys while on a photographing job in the downtown area.

Later, he realized that his car had disappeared. In it were $4,000 worth of camera equipment, original images he had taken, and his electronic tablet which thieves reportedly used to post a picture of his stolen equipment on his Facebook page.

"I just couldn't believe somebody would have the audacity to do that," Oliver told KATU.

He said his roommate later told him that someone had posted on his personal Facebook page as Oliver himself a picture of his stolen items.

The page shows a friend of Oliver commenting below the picture, asking, "Did u get ur stuff back?" Oliver said the thieves then responded with a comment of their own, saying, "No we got his stuff just saying thanks."

Oliver said he reported the incident to the police.

ABC News was not able to get any updates on the case from Longview Police Department.

"It's extremely mean," said Oliver. "Why? I just don't understand it. That's the only thing I would like to be answered at this point. Why rub it in my face?"

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