Airing Friday, June 20 at 10 pm on ABC

How far would you go to make money, pay for a college education, or even become a parent? "20/20? airs FRIDAY, JUNE 20 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Reports include:

  • How far would you go… to get your money back?: Katherine Underwood thought she found the man of her dreams: a charming college professor. And then one day, eight months after they met, he popped the question: can I borrow money? After six years of what she now says was a relationship built on lies and deception, Katherine - out $400,000 to the professor - wants her money back… and she is going to some very unusual lengths to get it back. Elizabeth Vargas reports on the undercover ex.
  • How far would you go… for money?: The "Poker Madam" of Hollywood, Molly Bloom takes "20/20? inside the world of underground poker and the secret games she says she staged for billionaires and A-list celebrities. Amy Robach reports.
  • How far would you go… for a college education?: While some students pay their way through college by waiting tables, some find stripping a whole lot more lucrative. Maggie is among a growing number of students who find that showing a little skin to paying customers is a worthy proposition. She makes $180,000 a year stripping when she's not in class or studying. Men also see this as a worthy way to make cash for the exorbitant cost of an education these days, but they seem to be more celebrated than scorned for their choice. Being questioned does not seem to faze some of these young women who believe their secret lifestyle is a best-kept secret. As Juju Chang reports, they plan to graduate debt-free.
  • How far would you go… to be a mom?: How far will some women go to become a mom? In a surprising trend, thousands of women and couples are turning to a bold new option: instead of expensive and invasive sperm banks and fertility clinics, they are getting free sperm on the internet. "20/20? follows several women desperate to have children and willing to turn to this underground universe of online link-ups, meeting men on the internet to exchange this gift of life. But the possible rewards are not without risks. Who are these women willing to take the chance on free, untested sperm, and who are the men willing to supply it, often donating in the most unexpected places? Elizabeth Vargas investigates the brave new world of online donation. (OAD: 1/13/12)


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